Maintenance for profit maximization

Next Energy provides active maintenance service for foreseeing and preventing failure, rather than temporal measure such like condition check or repair , in order to ensure maximizing customer's profit.
We are pleased to introduce new O&M services "PVSAFETY" which is based on our long standing track records for constructions and inspections, knowledge of evaluation and technical skills.

Monitoring Services

Providing advanced services for foreseeing and preventing failure

Next Energy's newly developed high quality logger(remote monitoring system) will enable to collect all data of power generation, for offering states-of -art reporting services and efficient inspection services.
Services provide not only specifying point of failure, but also preventing failure in advance.

Technical consultancy report

Analyse and diagnose data from solar exparts' view

Report provides the stability (performance ) of PV plants, which is not influenced by irradiation or weather condition by using the data of power generation and meteorograph, to be accumulated into the logger.
These data can be utilized as technical report for financiers or investors.

Maintenance Services

Providinge individual maintenance services for every and all plants.

Next Energy provides various inspection services based on each customers' requests. In conjunction with our monitoring services, we offer specific maintenance focusing on the possible failure.
The service offers cost-effectiveness maintenance for your plants.

Other equipments
Remote monitoring system

Remote monitoring system Solajit

・Connectable up to 93 devices
・Planned for PCS remote controlling
・Easy set up will enable cost reduction

Wireless transmission system
920MHz Multi-hop wireless system

Wireless transmission system 920MHz Multi-hop wireless system

・Collecting string data with low cost
・Stable communication through
920MHz bands

Junction box for direct current
Tough Station 16S

Junction box for direct current Tough Station 16S

・String monitoring system pre-installed
・No power supply connect work
・Anti chloride damage(Designed for IP65)

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  • Solar cell modules
  • System products sales
  • Monitoring maintenance
  • Pile-driving method “Next Piler”